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The story behind our lights.




Optimum lighting for the road is delivered through bespoke lenses, balancing the depth of a spot beam and width of a flood beam. The remote switch brings convenient control to the fingertips, simplifying dipping the power to mimic a car and avoiding dazzling other road users.



The thrill of riding off road is intensified at night. From first pedal strokes in the dark to XC race or hurtling down single track, the right light from Exposure will make the ride better than in the day. CNC machined bodies and forged aluminum brackets enable the latest LEDs and high quality collimated optics to deliver clear beams that light the way no matter how tough the trail.



Built to Excel in urban environments, our range of commute and road lights are designed to be used day and night with high power outputs and excellent side visibility. There are now more cars on the road than ever and modern motoring life is full of distractions – radio, satellite navigation, and hands free mobile phones to name a few… 80% of all traffic accidents involving cyclists occur during the daytime (source: ROSPA 2014). Using a specific pulse pattern and lumen intensity – Day Bright, which is designed to cut through the distractions of busy roads and visual noise for the modern motorist, visible from just under a mile away, even in the brightest of sunlight, our new Daybright mode will make you be noticed.

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