Blaze MK3 With ReAKT And Peloton

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Intelligent rear lighting for commuting, road cycling and Time Trial.

Ambient Kinetic Technology (ReAKT) enables the light to automatically flare under braking and when entering areas of higher ambient light to create a contrast in brightness.

Updated with Peloton mode utilises ReAKT Technology for use in a chain gang by dimming upon detection of a rider’s front light, preventing a dazzling effect, but flaring up as a beacon at the tail of the pack.

High capacity battery for substantial burn times.  

Features USB convenience, a choice of 6 burn times, DayBright flash pattern and side illumination for 180 ĚŠvisibility.


Output                                   150 lumens ReAKT Flare, 80 lumens red

Weight                                   77grams

Burntime                               Min 6 hrs Max 48 hrs pulsing

Battery Capacity                   1500 mAh Li ion

Dimensions (mm)                 Length - 70, Head - 28, Back - 28


  • Ambient and Kinetic Technology
  • Peloton Mode
  • DayBright
  • Cable Free Design
  • Intelligent Thermal Management
  • Optimum Mode Selector
  • Fuel Gauge
  • USB charging
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Made in the UK


Trail/Enduro:      0%

XC/CX:                  0%

Road/TT:              100%

Commute/Urban: 100%