BikeRadar Exposure Equinox Bike Light Review

BikeRadar Exposure Equinox Bike Light Review

Posted by Guy Kesteven on Aug 2nd 2017

The Equinox uses the torch format that Exposure introduced with the Joystick but the head and tail end are now fattened significantly to house a bigger battery and three XML LEDs.

That gives a usefully broad, consistent coverage 2,000-lumen output that lights up the trail as far as you can reasonably see.

As well as increasing power, Exposure has made the multi-LED mode and run time indicator on the back of the light much subtler so it doesn’t blind you when you check it. There’s no rim to make the switch hard to find either but the really clever new addition is a fully wireless remote switch. This connects very easily and makes changing modes and checking remaining run time a cinch without even moving your hand off the bars.

Run time of the light alone is around an hour, but the Equinox also comes in a pack with a booster cell (for an additional US $56) which almost doubles the run time, so it's worth the money, and we generally only needed to run the light on half power.

The Equinox boasts a 2,000-lumen output, which lights up the trail as far as you need

The H-clamp clip in the helmet mount is a brilliant and well-proven piece of design and there’s a safety lanyard in case a low branch dislodges the light. A bar mount is included and recent Exposure helmet light reliability has been sound.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.