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Remote wont respond.

Press the ring button 4 times. Red flash indicates remote now asleep. Wake with one stripe press, (green flash), continue to pair as normal.

Light wont pair with remote, just flashes orange.
If both the light and remote have been paired together, but wont ‘wake up’, just flash orange. Keep trying by pressing striped button to renew pairing sequence as it could be caused by too much interference. This may take 4/5 goes in a Bluetooth ‘noisy’ environment. On some rare occasions it might be that your SYNC lights need to be reset particularly if you've had them synced to different remotes in the past. To perform a reset please follow our video here.

Lights are out of sync
Check that both lights have the same number of modes on the program (3 or 2). Occasionally a light will miss a command from the remote causing the lights to become out of sync, just press the button on the back of the light to change its mode to match the other.

Light won’t connect to my phone after connecting it to someone else’s phone
Delete the bonding to the light by going to program 12. This will not delete the program modifications. Go into the phone and delete the paired device/ remembered device from Bluetooth settings. If there is a remembered phone bonding on the light it will not pair to another phone.